Founded in 1907; Registration No.: S-550, Delhi
Regd. Office : Center for Advanced study in Mathematics, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune-411 007, India

(Math Student: ISSN 0025-5742)

In the year 1932, on the occasion of completion of twenty five years of its existence, The Society decided to start another periodical. Thus 'The Mathematics Student' was launched in the year 1933 is being published since 1933 with A. Narasinga Rao as its first Editor. For more about MS click here.

The Mathematics Student is a quarterly periodical and each volume consists of four numbers. It is published in two parts: numbers 1 and 2 (January to June) as one part and numbers 3 and 4 (July to December) as the second part. The print version of the Math Student is available to anyone on a subscription basis, however a soft copy (pdf file) is sent to all the life members of the IMS. It may be noted that it is not an Open access journal, but the current volume of the MS is uploaded on our website and can be accessed freely.

The periodical is managed by the Editor-in-Chief with the help of the Editorial Board,
Editor-in- Chief: Prof M. M. Shikare, Center for Advanced Study in Mathematics, Pune University, Pune-411 007

Editorial Board, MS

In keeping with the current periodical policy, The Mathematics Student publishes material which is of interest not only to mathematician researchers but also to the postgraduate students and teachers of mathematics in India. Thus, following type of work is published in this periodical:
1. The texts of the Presidential Addresses, the Plenary talks and the Memorial Award Lectures delivered at the Annual Conferences,
2. Research papers (Peer reviewed),
3. General survey articles, popular articles and expository articles,
4. New, and innovative proofs of theorems that graduate/undergraduate students might see in their course work,
5. Articles that arouse curiosity and interest for learning mathematics among readers and motivate them for doing mathematics,
6. Problems posed by experts and their solutions,
7. Book-Reviews,

Articles of the above type are invited for publication in The Mathematics Student. Manuscript can be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief on the email . All submissions are peer reviewed and acceptance of the article dependence on the recommendations of the referee.
For detailed instructions for Manuscript preparation refer to Manuscript Submission*

Salient Features:
(i) The Mathematics Student is included in the UGC - CARE list of Approved Journals (group A), It is indexed in MathSciNet (MR), Zentralblatt fur Mathematik (zbMATH).
(ii) No charges: No page charges or publication charges are levied.
(iii) Peer review: The acceptance of an article is strictly dependence on the recommendations of Reviewers.
(iv) Copyright: Copy right of the articles published in The Mathematics Student lies with the Indian Mathematical Society.
(v) Reprints: As a part of the green iniative authors of the papers printed in the Mathematics Student shall receive only a soft copy (PDF file with watermarked "Author's copy") of the paper published as a reprint.